*300 hairy bears

“300 hairy bears” is one of the juiciest Slovenian curses. Foreigners usually have a lot of fun when we explain to them, how Slovenes are cursing when something makes us angry. We use the terms like “The white road” or “Go, salt yourself” for example. Confused? Here is the list of the funniest Slovenian curse words, translated to English:


But bears are not only the stars of one of the most popular Slovenian curses, they are also very popular inhabitants of Slovenia. There are about 400 of them (although we doubt that three hundred of them ever hang out together). Our bears live in the forests, which cover 66% of the national territory. In terms of relative forest cover, Slovenia ranks third in the European Union, after Finland and Sweden. The forest offers us a source of wealth – wood, a material that helps to mitigate climate change, as it is produced by the process of photosynthesis from CO2. It is also naturally renewable and meets the principles of sustainable development. Wooden products prolong the storage of CO2 during the period of use.

Bear is a symbol of unspoiled nature, which we try to contribute to with our work, so we did not think long before selecting it for our totem.