VEGA plate

Price: 79.00
Dimensions: 30 × 3 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg

Vega plates, shaped in a form of a moon crater, are designed for gourmet pleasures, following the contemporary trend of serving food on wood.

The inspiration for their design comes from the local heritage. Slovenia is known as the land of Jurij Vega, a world famous mathematician, who is known for publishing a series of books of logarithm tables, and also for the fact that he calculated the number of pi at 140 decimal places, a record kept for 52 years. In 1935, a crater on the Moon was named after Vega, and that was the main inspiration in making the collection of wooden trays and plates, that with their crater shape honour the memory of this great mathematician.

Vega plates are made on lathe, each a bit different in size, according to the shape and structure of the wood used.